Hear what our clients and colleagues have to say.

“Our family has worked closely with Laurie and Chris on multiple projects. Most recently Laurie and Chris worked with us on our largest custom build, our family's legacy project. Customized is an understatement to this project and the detailing Chris assigned into each piece of cabinetry and furniture was extremely thorough. Laurie's attention to detail and ability to keep each skilled tradesperson in touch with our vision was phenomenal. We love working with CDG because they truly listen to us and adapt to our evolving needs!”
“We recently decided to build our dream home. Our first call was to Laurie and her Collaborative Design Group. This project was bigger than anything we have done in the past, but Laurie and Chris guided and lead us through the process ending up with a beautiful functional home that exceeded our expectations.”
“We recently completed a major addition to, and renovation of our home. Under the professional guidance of Laurie McBain of Kaleidoscope Design and Chris Salas of Cocina Interior Design. We achieved exactly what we sent out to build. Their expertise, creativity and technical knowledge was critical in delivering a unique product, delivered on time and on budget. Both Laurie and Chris were always available to us and worked closely with many trades and suppliers to ensure no details were missed and no quality sacrificed. I would not hesitate to recommend Laurie and Chris for first class professionalism and creativity. They were wonderful partners in our project.”

“My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Laurie McBain, Chris Salas and their team at A Collaborative Design Group recently for our home renovation. Not only was Laurie and her team an absolute pleasure to deal with, but they also made the entire experience fun and exciting for our entire family! They took our 40+ year old (original) home and turned it into a space that my wife and I could only dream of.”
“Problem solving, listening, and educating us on products was productive and helpful and goes a long way. Laurie and Chris are professionals and have the experience and education to create amazing interior and exterior environments that exceed their clients’ expectations. Laurie and Chris and the Collaborative Group are also the nicest people to work with and we would never even consider anybody else for our design projects. We are truly humbled and grateful for all the hours spent on this project to make it a success.”

“Whenever anyone asks me if I have any advise on building a new house, the first thing I tell them is to hire A Collaborative Design Group! Both Laurie and Chris really took the time to listen to what was important to us and really helped bring our vision, style and personality into the design of the cabinetry and final selections. As the drawings and overall concept progressed, they were able to anticipate what I had in mind and could narrow down the design and selections.”
“Looking back at the experience of custom building our forever home, I’m not sure how we would have ever gotten through the process without Laurie and Chris. They were there to guide us every step of the way. We absolutely LOVE our new house.”
“Laurie was more than organized. She documented and kept track of all requirements and selections and was able to communicate clearly with each trade ensuring everyone knew what they needed to do and when they needed to do it. She would conduct on-site walkthroughs to ensure things were being built and installed according to specs and any issues were caught immediately when it wasn’t costly or time consuming to remediate. She has built strong relationships with the trades and you can see the trust and respect they have for her.”